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Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Choices You Make Today Will Shape Your Tomorrow

"When it rains, it pours", as the saying goes. There are so many thoughts swimming in my mind lately and it's even any wonder that I still get a decent amount of sleep; maybe due to exhaustion or it could be that subconsciously, I'm okay with where things are even when I get myself all worked up when I'm actively thinking about them. Is that possible? When you're being pulled in many directions, sometimes you lose your bearing. Confusion compels you to engage your mind and heart to find solid ground to stabilize your thoughts.

To clear my mind, I decided to walk/run on the treadmill. Spotify? Check! Now do I run to the tune of Dirty Secrets from the cardio mix, do I go Beast Mode with DJ Khaled and the likes or run a steady pace with Green Day? Not exactly what I was in the mood for. No, I need some direction, good motivation, something that will play with my emotions to which sweat and tears can unabashedly flow together. Yes! I need songs that speak to me as if they're written especially for me, songs that will calm my chaotic mind. I settled for the Top Christian Tracks. It's not exactly the mix that will get you pumped up or give you a boost of adrenaline but it's what I needed today. I cranked up the volume to block out all the noise around me, prepared to walk to some mellow music that will surely cut through the heart but I was pleasantly treated to Sanctus Real's Safe In My Father's Arms so I picked up my pace and my mood instantly lifted. Nicole Nordeman's Every Mile Mattered reminded me that everything that I went through, places I've been, people from the past, all the tears shed, all of those is history that I can't rewrite, history does not define me but all of those mattered. Hannah Kerr declared that I'm a Warrior, brave enough to fight the fight, to shout the battle cry. I'm a warrior. When I fall down, I get stronger. I will keep the hope alive, I will find the strength inside. Brandon Heath loves the Lord with his Whole Heart and so do I and I want my children to remember my story to tell their future generations. It's okay to be afraid and vulnerable so God can work His miracles on you and as Brandon said, "where there is fear, deep inside I won't run, I won't hide, I'll give you all of me so that you can see every broken piece." I slowed down to Tasha Cobbs Leonard's Gracefully Broken, and If I Don't Have You by Love and The Outcome.

Out of all the songs in the track, perhaps the message that spoke to me more closely is the refrain from the song "Surprise" by The Color:
When you just can't face tomorrow
When you're down deep in the sorrow
When your faith is on the edge
Don't be afraid to step
Cause even if you'll fail to fly
He'll catch you by surprise!
He'll catch you by surprise!

I've been faced with a decision on whether to take a leap of faith or stay in my comfort zone, so this could be a prompt to venture out. I over complicated things to my detriment and today was a good reminder to slow down, be patient, to persevere in praying to the Holy Spirit for discernment, to Keep It Simple and Straightforward. I was reminded today to always be grateful, to be grateful that I have choices and that opportunities are knocking at my doorstep. I was reminded to keep the faith. After all, isn't this what my blog is all about?

--with faith and gratitude,

Friday, July 21, 2017

Never Too Far

"Recalculating..." my navigator's voice said after I took a different turn, this was then followed by a polite "Please make a legal u-turn if possible." Following the prompt, I was back on the right path towards my destination.

These days, it's so much easier to navigate our way around unfamiliar places with the help of smart phones and built-in navigation systems in cars. We only need to enter the address of our destination and we're given turn by turn directions. We know how close we are to our next turn so we can slow down, it gives us the time of arrival and it even recalculates this if we get stuck in traffic or choose to take a different route.

Navigating our way through life is not easy with its ups and downs and unexpected detours. However, just as our phones and cars have built-in navigators that recalculate our routes in order to get us on the right path, so are we also fully equipped to navigate through life's uncertainties. The Lord knows us intimately. As His children, He had already prepared the way for us. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it.

We may lose our way from time to time but we are never too far away to get back on track. If we can talk ourselves into trouble, we can certainly talk ourselves out of it. Instead of thinking you're already in too deep to straighten your way, challenge yourself to become better. Figuratively speaking, a dead end should not deter us from carving our own path. There will always be a way through, over and around it. As they say, if there is a will, there is a way.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” -- Joshua 1:9

--with faith and gratitude,