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Monday, March 19, 2007

True Happiness Is Knowing What You Want

Soup or salad? Cheeseburger? Chicken Sandwich? No, I'm not asking what you would like for lunch. Rather, what you would like to HAVE in life today. If you were given a magic lamp and told you can have an UNLIMITED number of wishes, what would you ask for? Fame? A beachfront house? A fancy car and a chauffeur to go with it (no scratch that, make that 7 fancy cars to go with each day of the week)? A cure for cancer? how about money? (after all, you have an unlimited number of wishes).

True happiness is knowing what you want. Take for instance my wish to be able to take my four year old to preschool. I wanted to take and pick him up from school and occasionally volunteer to help in class. Because I work full time, I thought there was no way I can do this. My former manager and I attempted to propose alternate work schedules to our Assistant Chief but they were all turned down. Surely asking to work three days a week is out of the question. Still, all along, I strongly believed that something or someone will pave the way that will allow me to do what I really wanted ~ and that is to be there for my kids. About three weeks before I needed to come up with a solution, a new manager was hired. Knowing that I will not lose anything if I told her my situation, I asked if I can take a couple of days off a week while my son goes to school. To make a long story short, a week before my son started school, I was granted the option to voluntary reduce my work hours to accommodate my family's need. You can just imagine how grateful I was! All I did was ask! My first request may have been turned down, but because I BELIEVED that a solution will materialize in perfect timing, my wish was granted!

The universe, or rather, GOD, made it possible to achieve my wish. Going back to the Prayer for Prosperity, it states that "With God, I cannot fail. With God, it is impossible for me to fail" and "God is reaching out to people who can help and prosper me. His ways are sure, and His methods are ingenious." If you believe this to be true, you will find that your prayers will be answered at the right time. Surrender all your worries to God and feel your load lighten. It's no magic, it's no's a FACT.

So, how do you really get want you want in life? First, know exactly what you want. God, or the universe cannot give you what you want if you do not clearly state what you want. Be specific and stick with that decision. Often changing your mind will only send confusion to the entity granting your wish. The result? Your wish is set aside until you know exactly what you want! Second, once you make up your mind, FOCUS on that wish. One way to stay focused is by creating a dream board. Just what exactly is a dream board? It's simply a poster board with pictures of all the things you want in life. Take a picture of your dream car and glue it on the board. Take a picture of your dream house and glue it on the board, or maybe your dream vacation. Whatever you wish you can have, post it here. When you're done creating your dream board, place it in a prominent spot where you will see it everyday, preferably when you wake up in the morning. This will serve as a reminder of what you want to accomplish and achieve. Third, visualize yourself getting your wish. See yourself driving your dream car. See yourself coming home to your dream house. Send only positive thoughts to your mind. In doing so, you not only surround yourself with positive energy, but you also radiate this force field around you. Believe that you have already received. Fourth, be thankful now. Be grateful for what you currently have in your life. As a giver, doesn't it feel good when the receiver appreciates what you have given? The feeling of appreciation makes you want to give more gifts to that person, doesn't it? It is the same with the universe or God as the giver. The more you appreciate, the more you will be given. And lastly, share your blessings. Just as the universe have prospered you, so shall you prosper and bless others. The more you give, the more you will receive. Good things will come to you in a flood of abundance!

Know. Focus. Visualize. Give thanks. Share.

God Bless!

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twong said...

Hi .. Great post btw. I just came across this post when searching for what happiness truly is. Slowly I am beginning to think that happiness is knowing what you want, and focusing your energy on that particular thing.

What you said here, relates very much to the book called "secrets".

Thanks and God Bless.