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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

There's A Roach In My Milk

I woke up in the middle of the night. It was hot and humid. The oscillating fan in the room did not do a good job of cooling the air. I swept the hair that clung to my sweaty neck as I grouchily kicked off the thin covers that covered my feet. The purpose of the covers was not to protect me from the cold, but from the critters that went crawling in the night.

I was hot, grouchy and thirsty. I shuffled to the bed at the other side of my room and impatiently woke up our maid. "I want a glass of cold milk." I said, as I shook her. "I want a glass of cold milk!" I demanded the second time, shaking her even harder.

She groggily opened her eyes and frowned at the sight of me scowling at her. Finally! I thought to myself! I must have interrupted a romantic kiss in her dream or something because it was obvious that she did not like being woken in the middle of the night at all.

"I want a glass of cold milk. Make sure the water is cold. " I instructed. The irritation in my voice was now directed at her.

Grudgingly, she stood up and I walked back to my bed to lie down. As a kid, I was a brat and everybody knew I always got what I wanted. I had started to fall asleep again when she returned to the room with a glass of milk.

"Here" she said.

I took the glass without saying thank you. Sleepily, I took the glass and slowly drank the milk while she waited for me to hand her the empty glass so she can wash it. The milk was how I liked it...not too sweet, with just the right amount of powdered milk, and cold!

I had almost finished it when I opened my eyes to see how much of it was still left. To my disgust and disbelief, there's a cockroach floating in my milk, its long antenna barely touching my upper lip! Had I not opened my eyes, I would have had my second dinner that night! And mind you, it was not a minuscule roach. Its body must have been two inches long!

Thrusting the glass in her hand, I narrowed my eyes and signaled that my parents will surely hear of this incident. Although my parents reaction, when they heard of this, was way more diplomatic than mine, her stay with us didn't last long.

And needless to say, I learned a lesson. After that night, I no longer asked anybody for a glass of cold milk, no matter how parched I was. Not only did I not want another surprise in my milk, but I simply learned to respect our helpers.

It was just one of the many incidents in my life that I have dismissed, tucked away in my memory file. Now, twenty four years later, by some inexplicable force, the moment has come to sort through my "files". --- Come back for my next post and you will begin to see why seemingly innocent occurrences in our lives can be the key pieces to unveiling an even bigger picture.

God Bless!

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