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Friday, May 18, 2007

Magic Is All Around Us

Indeed, magic is all around us. If you don't already know this by now, just look around you, better yet, look in the mirror. Is it any wonder that you are at this moment, living, breathing, thinking, reading this article? Do you ever wonder how our body and mind know to shut down for the evening and restart in the morning? And if you're used to waking up at a certain time everyday, your body eventually knows when to wake up at the exact same time even without setting your alarm clock. What happens when we sleep anyway? We close our eyes and it seems like we're instantly transported into the vastness of black space. Then as if on cue, our minds arouse from slumber and we're back to our present time. What about the memories that we start storing in our brains since childhood? I want to know how many gigabytes our brains can save. Does anyone else ask the same question? Anyway, if you know the answers, please do tell.

Going back on track, I was talking about magic being all around us. Just look at the trees, the birds in your backyard, the sky, your pets, the sunrise and the sunset, and of course, babies! It's amazing how a single cell can miraculously form into a baby, isn't it? Magic! Oh, by the way, those of you that are in the Northern part of the US are supposed to see periodical cicadas, also known as (drum roll please) Magicicada, emerge between now and June 1.

The bugs belong to the largest group, or brood, of periodical cicadas—insects that spend most of their lives as nymphs, burrowed underground and sucking sap from tree roots. They emerge once every 17 years, transform into adults, do the business of reproduction, and then die. Populations of the periodical cicada species are synchronized, so that almost all of them mature into adults in the same year. The fact that periodical cicadas remain locked together in time is made even more amazing by their extremely long life-cycles of 13 or 17 years. Don't ask me how these insects keep track of time and know when to emerge at their 13th or 17th year of being burrowed underground. I supposed that's how their life cycle was programmed (I wonder if their programming got affected by Y2K?). Instincts, hence their name MAGICicadas?

Life is full of mysteries and I think that's what makes it great to be alive in this universe. There's so much mystery to uncover and life is more exciting with each and every new discovery...such as a cure for a disease, a lipstick that plumps your lips, the discovery of SS Republic filled with gold and silver coins amounting to $500 Million, a cream that diminishes wrinkles and fades dark spots, or what about the coelacanths that should have gone extinct along with the dinosaurs but are miraculously still seen today in some parts of the world, or M Theory simply explained by a "Signtist". I'll let my brother explain the latter to you.

There's just so much magic around us that it's difficult to not see and feel it. It's like all the forces are working together to bring it to you. Last week my co-worker said that it made for a great week for me. Not only did I see the whales, but I also got to meet Magic Johnson at work the next day. How often do these things happen? Usually, you'd have to go the distance to see the whales and meet celebrities, but what do you call it when they come to you? Magic - #32 inspired me to write this article. I found him to be a really nice person. He took the time to sign autographs and take pictures. His humility instantly placed him on my A list.

This post comes with one wish: for everyone to realize that they are surrounded by beauty and goodness, no matter what circumstance they are in. So what if the person didn't say thank you after opening the door for him or her? Your good manners say alot about you and so does the other person's lack of. Why would anybody want to be affected by negativity and wallow in misery? It's true that misery loves company, but when your BFF is having a bad hair day or feel like playing connect the dots on her face, instead of spending the day in hiding, offer her a baseball cap that says "princess" on it, or let her borrow your new 2in1 zitzapper/concealer! Let her know that while you sympathize with her, you will not let her feel ugly about herself.

I know the above example is petty compared to what we realistically go through in life. The point is, life has so many good things to offer. I know it's difficult to think positively amidst a lot of stress or pain. Things happen for a reason. You need to learn to accept these events and learn the lessons they bring. Your faith will determine how you rise against the odds. When you come to a crossroad in your life and are faced with a difficult decision, search within your heart and go with what you strongly FEEL about. Notice I didn't say go with what you THINK is right, because I believe that the heart plays a major role in leading us to the right choice. You need to make a commitment to love yourself and those around you. Once you make that commitment,you will see that you will not allow anything to happen that could harm you in any way.

You have the choice to be happy or sad. I haven't met anybody who prefers to be sad or angry or poor. Sometimes things occur beyond our control but we can always control our reactions. Always remember that we are not left without a choice. We were created with the empowerment to take control of our destiny. It's important to believe in yourself and embrace your capability to shape your life the way you truly want to.

Magic happens every minute of every day whether you notice it or not. However, only when you choose to see the good in others, will you see and genuinely appreciate the magic everywhere.

When life throws you a curve ball, focus on the ball and hit it with all your might. You may just score a homerun! --lmg

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Anonymous said...

Dear Elle,

I too feel like you. Your thoughts are exactly like mine. I feel that there is something we are all not seeing and none of us try to see it. We are either afraid of it or are too incapable I wish to know more.

Also, I recently came to Illinois and witnessed these magicadas. I feel that their life cycle has a hidden message. If you have any more information I would appreciate the knowlegde.