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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Meeting God Halfway

I recently watched the movie "Conversations With God", based on the life story of the book's author, Neale Donald Walsch. The movie dramatizes his life's events, from being homeless, to receiving those mystical dictations that led to his becoming a best selling author.

In 1990, he experienced a car accident resulting in a broken neck, which propelled him into a downward spiral of job loss, poverty, and homelessness. Eventually, he began to ask existential questions that many people ask, "What is the meaning of life? Why am I here?"

In 1995, he heard a voice asking, "Have you had enough yet? Are you ready now?"

God had come calling to answer those questions. This question and answer format served as the basis for the Conversations with God.

Watching Conversations With God reminded me of the movie The Pursuit of Happyness (no, that's not a typo. That's really how it's spelled). Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith) "chose" to pursue his dream of becoming a stock broker, whereas Neale Donald Walsch's success came upon through dictations or conversations with God. Both characters went through poverty and homelessness before having realized what would truly make them happy.

I asked myself why do we need to get to the lowest point of our lives to realize or even have the courage to ask God what is it that He really wants from us? Why do we have to go through such pain and misery before we come to our senses and begin to open ourselves to His "healing powers"?

Okay. So we don't realize what we have until it's all gone. But do we really have to wait until we lose everything? Come to think of it, on the other hand, the most sincere prayer that we can utter are the ones where we are at God's mercy, when all hope fails and it's only Him we can turn to.

I gave my post the title Meeting God Halfway for two reasons: First is to know that we do not have to lose everything to begin surrendering to Him, accepting His ways and being open to ideas that can take us where He wants us to be. We can accept and surrender to Him BEFORE we become miserable and hopeless. That we need to summon the courage to ask Him for our purpose while we still have our jobs, our houses, and our loved ones. Second, meeting God halfway means DOING YOUR PART AND LETTING HIM DO HIS PART. Makes sense? What I'm saying is, God helps those who help themselves! Do your best and God will do the rest. This means sharing your talents and using the resources given to you to bring about meaningful change in people's lives. You will be rewarded in ways you have not imagined.

The movie "Conversations with God" also inspired me to spread the message of ONENESS of The Humanity's Team. It is truly enriching to learn the existence of this team because I myself, am an advocate of spreading goodwill. In my own little and humble way, I've been plugging my message to the world through my posts and articles. My heart is bursting with happiness with the knowledge that I am ONE with The Humanity's Team and that I share their mission and agree with their Core Beliefs and everything that the team stands for.

To learn more about their mission and purpose, visit their website:

You will also find ways to volunteer not only in your own Region, but you could also do volunteer work internationally!

Together as ONE, we can change the world! Each of us are messengers of God and everyone has something that they can share with everybody. We may have different religion, live in different countries, have different cultures, but we all share the same dream of living in unity and peace with one another.

For more inspiring, thought provoking and enlightening messages, also visit:

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In closing, I'd like to borrow my brother's message to the world:
E Pluribus Unum ~ In Difference We Are One

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patrick said...

watched the movie version of Conversations with God recently; Neale Donald Walsch makes a good point about having freedom to admit that he's not perfect so he can move on from where he is.