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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm IT!

I love being on Technorati mostly because each time I log on, I see new posts from my favorite bloggers, and partly to see who faved me recently. (By the way, thank you to those who did! Those of you who haven't YET, I know who you are so make sure to fave me, even if it's just for humanitarian reasons. Please? Pretty Please? hehe Do I sound like I'm begging? Okay, maybe I am!)

Going down the list, I came across Weng's new post, stating that she's been tagged and in turn, to tag 8 other people and I was one of the lucky "its". Being unsure and still fairly new to this, I checked out her blog to see what being tagged is all about and what it entailed. I left her a comment after reading her post and I don't think I've given her enough time to send me a comment to let me know I've been tagged ~ Please let me know if I'm breaking any rules by jumping the gun. Should I have waited for her notice? Anyway, I'm game and quite anxious to get started, eventhough I'm not sure if I can list 8 random facts about me without putting anyone to sleep.

Tagged by Weng in one of her posts on WengOnline.

The rules of engagement:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.

2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight
things and post these rules.

4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get
tagged and list their names.

5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged,
and to read your blog.

8 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME: (fingers drumming, hmm... this is harder than I thought!)

FACT 1: I'm the youngest and only girl. I have three brothers and I'm glad my parents didn't decide to stop having children until they had a girl > yup! that's ME!

FACT 2: I have two boys: a Five and a Three yr old. My eldest graduated (promoted is what they call it here) from preschool today! Each child's name was written on a handprint and below their name was what they wanted to be when they grow up. My son wants to be a doctor! I better start looking for a second job just in case he decides to pursue this career!

FACT 3: When I graduated from Preparatory in the Philippines, we were asked to step up to the mic, say our names and what we wanted to be when we grow up. Of course, this took much practice on our part. Teachers asked the children beforehand what they wanted to be. When the teacher came up to me, I proudly said "I want to be a doctor" and I guess by that time, she was already tired of hearing kids say the same thing so she told me to think of something else. Being a five (going on six) year old, my list of careers was limited so I half-heartedly said "dancer", which I'm not with my two left feet. So on my graduation day, I did as I was told. I stepped up to the mic and after saying my name, I was so tempted to say "I want to be a doctor" (I thought to myself, what would my teacher do if I did say that? Climb the stage and make me say what we've practiced?) but I chose not to defy my teacher and the nuns watching nearby. So yes, I wanted to be a doctor. But instead, I'm now a training analyst at one of The State Agencies in California. So, I'm glad my son wants to be a doctor. I just hope he becomes determined enough to become one!

FACT 4: Still waiting for the greatest love of my life. Time will not change the way I feel for you.

FACT 5: I once caught a humming bird with my bare hands! I was in my late aunt's garden when I saw a humming bird flitting among the roses. Childhood memories of catching dragonflies flashed before me so I thought I'd try it on a bird. Why not? I strategically positioned myself, aimed and with one swift sweep, the humming bird was in my hand! I held on to the tiny bird long enough to study it up close. Once my curiosity was satisfied, I set it free. I must have not done any damage to its wings because it was gone in a flash as soon as I opened my hand. I consider that as a "once in a lifetime" conquest!

FACT 6: I've lost 21 lbs since February of this year. It's not easy to lose weight, but discipline makes it possible!

FACT 7: I like to people watch. My bestfriend Arvin and I used to (during our younger, carefree days) just hang out at Starbucks and talked about people who walked by. We made up stories about them and laughed at our creativity (we could have made money selling our stories to film makers!) We used to also drive 2 hours to the airport to see fresh immigrants (easily spotted by their big brown x-ray envelopes ha ha!) We made fun of those waiting to meet their relatives and sometimes we pretended that one of us was leaving and get in line with the rest of the travelers at the airline counters or the line that takes you inside the terminals (we left the line when we got closer to the inspector) ahhh yes! those were the days!

FACT 8: The beach is one of my favorite places. Arvin and I frequented the beaches on the coast of San Francisco and we would take a big cooler packed with cream cheese and strawberry croissandwiches, juice, water, chocolates, fruits. I also made my hot artichoke dip. As if that wasn't enough for just the two of us, we'd also fill up a whole paper bag with cookies, chips and just about any junk food we felt like bingeing on. Our friendship was solidified by gluttony and immortalized by our friendly (most of the time harmless)banter of how much weight we've gained and what to do to burn the calories we shamelessly consumed. True friendship knows no boundaries ~ literally, through thick and thin! Although, I learned that using the latrine at those beaches was another adventure in itself. I was always afraid of falling into the gaping hole! After that, we limited ourselves to fastfood and water.

Wow that was fun! It sure brought back a lot of fun memories! Okay, what was I supposed to do next? Ah yes! I need to tag 8 people. I apologize in advance if you've already done your 8 random facts (I made sure to check first, but if you have already been tagged by someone and I missed your post, please let me know so I can read it!) The rules do not say it's imperative that you do your 8 random facts or lightning will strike you. You're under no obligation to comply, but I still think it's a fun way for people to get to know you a little more. So without further ado, I'm tagging the following:

** Kelvene
** Angel
** Janice
** Motherwise
** Michael/PsalmsofHope
** Michelle
** Felmar
** Bien
*************************TAG! YOU'RE IT!************************


J@n!ce said...

Hi Elle,
Something great abt this tagging game is that we get to know the party better... really... thru the tagging process !!
The first time I am tagged by bokjae, I'm a "blur sotong" duno what is it all about. But I guess I'm used to it now ;)
I've been tagged by 2 other person just before you. So I thought maybe I could DO IT ALL together... sounded like a bargain huh ;p
Thank you so much & really happy to have meet you, Elle.
Btw, have you join the viral tag?
Read my blog on the post to find out more if you havent, that is fun too...:)
Have a good weekend !!

Elle Mgee said...

3 tags!! That's funny! It's like, killing three birds with one stone! (not that the actual killing of birds is funny, it's consolidating your tags into 1 is funny. uhh.. you know what I mean) =) Thanks, Janice! I really enjoy meeting new friends's my chance to have a social life. You know how it is with kids! No time for anything else outside of home. I'll check it out!

Weng said...

Lol! I don't think anybody would mind having a fast reply to their tag :) I'm still looking for ways to notify the others. It's a bit weird to leave a comment on an unrelated post.

Lincoln said...

You are so pretty. :*)

I see you haven't blogged in a while though, hope you change that soon. :-(

Thanks for dropping by my site!