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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Master Your Ability To Breathe Underwater

It was a beautiful tropical day, filled with activities; packs of teens buzzed in and out of the resort lobby, staff scurried to fulfill guest requests, toddlers laughed and screamed with delight as they splashed in the kiddie pool, while the mothers kept a vigilant watch of not just their own, but other kids as well, as if there was an unspoken agreement among the mothers: “I’ll watch your kids and you watch mine. Two, or fifty pairs of eyes are better than one.” The kids didn’t throw a single tantrum. Everybody had a good day. After a long day of fun and play, fatigue had taken its toll on the children so there was no protest when they were tucked in bed. With the kids now settled in the room, I decided to go for a walk and enjoy some quiet time to myself. The sun had already begun its descent so by the time I reached the west end of the grounds, the temperature had cooled to several degrees. With all the guests sequestered inside the resort and recharging for the next day’s scheduled events, the premises now became a retreat for someone like me, who sought the kind of solitude where my thoughts were my only companions. The pool’s sparkling water broke my reverie, reminding me that I have not submerged in it longer than the time it took me to fish the kids out earlier that afternoon. Now I had the pool to myself and it enticed me to plunge into its calm, refreshing water. In an instant, I found myself swimming my way to the bottom of the pool, every stroke and kick took me deeper and deeper, relaxing my muscles, clearing my mind, and I felt as though nothing existed on the surface! I felt so free that I wanted to stay underwater and swim to eternity. At least until I needed to breathe. My lungs constricted, no oxygen flowed to my brain and my eyes widened in panic, desperate to see a hand that will pull me out of this watery grave! I treaded water as fast as I could but I know I won’t make it. I needed air now! Wait a minute! I realized this was all a dream so I could do anything I want! Cautiously, I took one shallow breath, expecting to drown as soon as water fills my nostrils but to my surprise, air filled my lungs and found that I could breathe underwater! The feeling of being invincible came with the discovery of my new but perplexing superpower yet I made a conscious effort to only take slow, shallow breaths. If I could do the unimaginable task of breathing underwater, what things can I not do or challenges can I not face? What a gift from above! The alarm woke me up with a renewed sense of self-confidence.

The first breathing underwater dream led to many more and with each succeeding time, I became more and more proficient with my skill. I also became more courageous in exploring my new world that my dreams eventually became adventures. In the beginning, I only thought of this ability as a special talent that many would envy (at least even only in my dreams). How I wish I was able to do this in real life!

It is known that lucid dreaming is a learned skill (exactly how I acquired this skill, I don’t know). It is in this kind of dream when you realize you are dreaming and you are then able to control what happens in your dream - all while you're still asleep. It is estimated that fewer than one hundred thousand people in the U.S. have the ability to have lucid dreams.

Although Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung agreed that dreams were of psychological origin, they differed in their theories. And while I somewhat agree with Freud’s dream theories that were based on the ideas of repressed longing (the desires that we aren't able to express in a social setting), my belief are more in line with Jung, who felt that dreams allowed us to reflect on our waking selves and solve our problems or think through issues.

Searching through the numerous dream interpretation websites, I found out that being able to breathe underwater in your dreams is a way to regain control, a way of surviving although you are overwhelmed by everything around you. It’s true that there are challenges in my life right now and I also hold it to be true that I am in fact surviving every test – all because of the faith I have in God. I may not bring the superpower of being able to breathe underwater to my real, waking life, but my survival relies largely on my God-given ability to work through crisis and carry my cross. My unwavering faith gives me the freedom and confidence to face every challenge and the power to rise above any given circumstance.

From experience alone, I have come to know that my dreams allow me to see things from a different perspective, and they stimulate an untapped area of my brain which helps me solve whatever issue I am faced with. Because I know that dreams provide me with clues and messages, I pay special attention to recurring dreams. Dreaming of the same thing over and over is difficult to ignore so instead of shrugging it off, I dig deeper and think about what is going on in my life and I usually come up with an interpretation that makes sense to me. This is similar to seeing “signs” or seemingly innocent occurrences that happen in our lives that we cannot explain, but once put together, we are always able to unlock the code to a nagging question. Link to “Just Follow The Signs” to read more about this topic.

So before you dismiss a dream, analyze your current situation, or issues that you need to deal with and ask yourself if your dream is sending you messages and any significance it may bring to your life. If many have mastered lucid dreaming ~ taking control of your dreams ~ so can you! It will not only strengthen your confidence, but it will also enhance your problem solving skills. Link to “Dream Views” to learn how to control your dreams so you, too can master your ability to breathe underwater!

Sweet Dreams!


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