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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Right Turn Only

Yes, my inspiration for this short blurb was a street sign that hung on St. Joseph’s automatic gate. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve driven through that gate but I never paid attention to the sign. Right Turn Only.

I think God purposely focused my eyes on that sign that day as an answer to my inquisitiveness. Indeed, all of us converse with God and He answers each of us in a unique way. He builds a relationship with each of His children and communicates with each one of us the way we would communicate to our own children. He tailors His communication style that works with our individual character and personality. So what makes sense to me may not make sense to others. I’ve always known that everything happens for a reason, but there are times when I question why bad things happen to good people.

Reading that sign: Right Turn Only made me realize that every turn we make in our lives are all right turns. All the decisions we made in the past and the decisions we'll make in the future have all been destined even before our existence so every success, every glory, every mistakes were made to happen ~ with a purpose. When we do encounter these, we must be on the right track. No questions about it.

That day was God’s assurance that every decisions I made in my life were all right, according to His plans. I just had to be open and accept things when they happen and remain in my faith that these were all God’s plans. Everything happens in perfect timing and I trust that whatever it is I’m going through right now will turn out for the best.


channelofhealing said...

Hi Elle, even before am commenting on your blog I faved you on technorati cos I love the concept of your blog so keep it

Godbless you

NYCindividual said...

I agree that God has a purpose for everyone. I agree that He is always in control and has know what was going to happen to us before we were even born. However, I would like to point out that evil does not come from God. Bad things and bad decions do not come from God. But He is always there for us and no matter what way we turn He will take the bad and turn it into good. If we sin, that's not what God planned and God wants. But God did paln our redemption and God will use us no matter what. We can confess our sins and use our testimonies to bring others to Christ.