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Monday, August 6, 2007

It's The Little Things That Make A Difference

In my post, Count Your Blessings I talked about being thankful for all the things that we take for granted. I was so inspired by the movie Arthur and the Invisibles that I thought in this post, I'd make a list of the little things that make a difference in life, things that we would usually dismiss without giving it a second thought. See if you can come up with your own. This is actually not a bad idea for a game of tag.

It's these little things that make a difference (at least in my life)

1. Insects (they do play an important role in evolution)
2. Teeth (false and natural)
3. Saliva (for its digestive functions)
4. All the nifty built-in systems that make our bodies function
5. Kids' curiosity (even adults' ~ otherwise our quest for the meaning of life would have ended before we were even born)
6. tiny (as seen from earth) stars that light up the evening sky
7. when you stay up late with your kids to watch out for shooting stars
8. saying sorry
9. accepting people's apology
10. opening doors for strangers
11. saying hi or good morning
12. smiling
13. silence
14. returning phone calls, emails, text messages, or comments
15. your personal dress code (it says a lot or little about you)
16. praising your child's work (even if it's just a scribble or can't make out the picture they drew...who knows? they can be the next Picasso)
17. answering children's questions (no matter how silly they are)
18. pets
19. giving someone your complete attention (it works with my 5 yr old. he actually remembered to remind me to give a family member my attention, which caught MY attention and was left speechless that a simple solution could have prevented a huge misunderstanding and to have been reminded by a 5 yr old made me an emotional wreck!)
20. simply listening
21. a pat on the shoulder
22. a hug
23. even just a nod
24. thank yous
25. a heartbeat (priceless!)
26. pennies (especially 1943 copper pennies)

For your enjoyment, here's Jewel's MTV. This soundtrack can be heard during Arthur's closing credits.