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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Where Is The Good in "Goodbye"?

Goodbyes can sometimes be difficult. The pain caused by goodbyes is debilitating, especially with breakups, a child going away to college, a significant other moving to another country to chase their dreams, and perhaps the most painful of all, saying goodbye to a dying loved one. Just the sheer thought of bidding someone goodbye makes you emotional. Even when you try to rationalize the situation, nothing can console you because you've become very attached and letting go is difficult.  Oftentimes it's heart-wrenching.

So if saying goodbye causes so much pain, where is the "good" in goodbye?

Today I found out that the word goodbye comes from the term "Godbwye" which is a contraction of the phrase "God be with ye". As time went on, it is believed the phrase was influenced by terms like "good day" and "good evening", transitioning from "God-b'wye" to "good-b'wy" and finally ending in today's blessing of goodbye. Did you catch that? Goodbye is a blessing.

By letting go, you make room for growth and you create an allowance for other people or opportunities to enter your life. By saying goodbye especially when you're getting away from a difficult situation, you're giving yourself another chance. For me, it's giving way to God's plans.

Today I spent some time alone in church. I questioned and I cried. I resisted and cried some more. When I was done crying, I just sat there and opened my heart to His words. I felt an impression in my heart that said, "Even when you fall, even in your brokenness, you are whole because My LOVE for you is unconditional." 

What an amazing God we have! People and situations can break us, but with God, we are complete!

So my friends, may we always remember that a goodbye is a blessing.

--with faith and gratitude,

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