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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sprinklings of Grace

A friend asked for salt to sprinkle on his mango. When I asked why, he said the salt makes the mango sweeter. Apparently, adding salt to pineapples, tart apples, strawberries or any fruit needing a little sweetening, neutralizes the acidity of the fruits, making the fruits sweeter. Jokingly I quipped, "Maybe I should sprinkle some salt on you." To which he managed a chuckle.

I imagined God sprinkling salt in my life to make it a little sweeter just when I need it. The Lord has His way of letting us know how fond He is of us. Whether you recognize it or not, He gives you special treatment every day. That empty parking space near the building entrance is no coincidence. That accident you narrowly escaped as you were about to change lane was your angel, swooping in to save you at God's command. The phone call, email or text you didn't expect came just at the right time. God's timing is always perfect! People that are in your life are there by design.The last boysenberry pie was reserved especially for you because He knows exactly what you want. Oh and that awesome deal you just closed? Yup! That was God, too. These are what I call sprinklings of grace that sweetens the bitterness that life sometimes serve.

Sprinklings of grace are there to remind us that God is ever so vigilant, looking for opportunities to manifest His goodness, love and mercy. Each and everyone of us holds a special place in His heart, no matter how hardened our hearts have become. His sprinkles of grace do not discriminate. There are times when we are quick to take credit for every good things in our lives. Some would argue that it is with their own abilities they were able to acquire fame or fortune or whatever it is they worked hard for. We forget that we are nothing without God; all good things come from God, therefore, all honor and glory belong to Him. Even when unfavorable circumstances happen in our lives, we should look for the sprinkles of grace,  the little spark of hope that tells us someone higher than us is in control. I know it's hard to believe when things look grim but place your faith in the Lord and you'll see His goodness, love and mercy at work in your life.

As I look back in my own life, not only have I encountered (and continue to encounter) God's sprinklings of grace, but an outpouring of affection, like a big load of salt is continuously being dumped on me! Most of the time it's the little things that make a difference, it's the unexpected but welcomed surprises that make life much sweeter. I believe it's important to recognize and appreciate the subtle ways God communicates with us to let us know He is within our midst.

Today, may we  open our hearts and receive God's sprinklings of grace.

--with faith and gratitude,

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