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Monday, June 12, 2017

Saving Grace

God's amazing grace comes in many forms
It is the sunrise that greets our days
The stars we wish upon in the night time sky
They are the flowers in which fields are dressed
A cure
A miracle
A hummingbird
A ladybug or a butterfly
It is an epiphany
Cleansing tears that purge our hearts of sadness
Our families and friends
Our pets
They are trials that test our faith
It's gratitude
A smile
An unexpected hello
It is the breeze that gently caresses your face
A warm embrace
It's the rainfall
It is a song that speaks to you
A stranger's act of human kindness
A flat tire
A delay
Ocean waves that kiss your feet and the sand you dig your toes in
Afternoon naps
Other times it's goodbye
A misstep
Peace and acceptance
An unending love


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